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A Red Door
I'll cling to glimmers,
I will build thrones from this eroded edifice of chalk
breathe ocean currents easily as air,
spread out ungainly arms and wave them, falling—
I will bare out my blood when I meet ground
and lie there smiling
if only I can demonstrate for you the hope of flight
that keeps you striving.
:icondash-of-balder:dash-of-balder 0 1
One Night in March
I was drunk, of course—
that would explain
the maudlin mood I'd caught, it slipped
into me with the whiskey—
I was just drunk, and now
days late, a bit embarrassed. I
admitted all the welling glow that spilled past
booze-slicked lips, the needing of
this night, and you—
just drunk (maybe) wrapped one strong arm around me,
and you told me, "Kiddo, we will always be
around to rescue you."
On another night
when we are drunk, or maybe
if I can find the bravery, maybe
not, I'll tell you what
I held, and did not say (which you, I think,
heard anyway)
This place inside my heart
is yours, this place
is where I love you.
:icondash-of-balder:dash-of-balder 0 2
I know this is preemptive,
a loyalty or light I haven't seen, only
glimpsed echoes of—potentialities
ruthlessly dreaming, swimming
sentences into my empty head.
I understand some part of me would
like to learn to love you, wishing your hands
into antidotes
for all my stiffened aching—
the last reminder of last lover's
crackling, emaciating pain.
It turns me purple, this imagining.
It turns me bruise-soft purple, longing
after something indigo again.
:icondash-of-balder:dash-of-balder 0 0
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELS by dash-of-balder EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELS :icondash-of-balder:dash-of-balder 1 4 Sketchy Magic Lady by dash-of-balder Sketchy Magic Lady :icondash-of-balder:dash-of-balder 1 4
Fenris has never fought with anyone the way he fights with Hawke.
It isn't just that their styles of combat are matched, that a strike from one man always rings perfectly true to the other's defensive parry. It isn't even that they can read each other's moves—there are mercenaries and soldiers and common street thugs who can do that. Hawke, as Fenris is discovering with every backalley brawl and full-on battle, is an absolute master of combat.
The thoughts come to him disjointed and unexpected in the whirlwind of battle, like now in the blazing sunshine on the Wounded Coast: Evinder Hawke practically dances through a fight. Each step is calculated, each swing of his massive broadsword perfectly tailored to the tangle of limbs, blades and magic that face his companions in a given moment. With the rest of them, with anyone but Fenris it manifests simply enough; it is an opening to take advantage of, an enemy dispatched at a critical moment, a weak point de
:icondash-of-balder:dash-of-balder 2 10
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full of tea and purple prose
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Sometimes I draw stuff and put it here! Mostly I'm just a big derpy fangirl.
While I'm well aware that my dA page isn't nearly popular enough for this to make a great deal of difference to anybody, it sounds like fun!

The first 14 people to comment on this journal will get a feature from yours truly :3 I'll pick my three favorite deviations from your gallery and post it here.

HOLY CHEESE THIS HAS BEEN HERE SINCE NOVEMBER OF LAST YEAR. What is my problem? Ugh, I'm sorry y'all. :( Regardless, here are my favorite pieces from your galleries!

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Woodnymph by Mythical-Whimsy Mermoops by Mythical-Whimsy
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The piano strains
Ebbing and flowing
More surf than breeze
Rising and falling
Waves on the shore
The Skyline is Melting by HalberdierMinister
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  • Reading: Sociolinguistics, radical 60's theater, poetry
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